About Us

About Us

Impact Commercial was founded by Alan Haigh and Michael Mullen on the belief that owners and management teams of small to mid-market businesses could be better served by a financing partnership, which could provide access to financing solutions that suit “their needs,” not the other way around. We believe today’s business environment is too complex and competitive to be sufficiently managed by one or two funding options so we’ve partnered with 30-plus institutional funding partners to service our client’s needs.

As industry experts with over 35 years of combined experience, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate customized funding solutions and provide you with the best financing products available. With a client-centric approach, we foster long-term relationships with an emphasis on trust and always placing your best interests at the centre of our process. Together, we develop an approach tailored for your business needs and support many duties that would fall under the role of a CFO.

Over the years, we have developed relationships and funding volumes with traditional and alternative funding sources allowing us to negotiate the best rates, terms and turnaround times to suit your unique requirements. Our unique perspective and experience from working at multiple financial institutions allows us to analyze our client’s credit worthiness within hours, structure applications with confidence and obtain prompt approvals with strong terms.

Impact Commercial offers a full suite of services including: commercial and construction mortgages, asset based lending, private equity investment and alternative financing solutions so you can evaluate what’s best for your business.


To provide a full range of financing solutions to our clients through a team of knowledgeable, committed and passionate professionals. With knowledge, adaptability and efficiency as our core tenants, we are uniquely positioned to match our client’s needs so they can successfully compete in today’s business environment.


Integrity – In everything we do. “What we say is what we do, what we do is what we say.”

Make it Happen – We strive to make the un-doable “doable”, the un-feasible “feasible.”

Passion – To be proactive and progressive in all the things we do.

Always Growing – Growing our knowledge and capabilities every day so we can better support our clients.

Commitment – Through thick and thin, we’re there by your side.

Trust – We strive to earn you trust through every interaction and conversation.

We are dedicated to making an Impact on your business by sourcing the best financing solutions.