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At Impact Commercial, we arrange both commercial equipment financing and heavy equipment leasing for industrial machines and equipment for small and medium-size businesses.

As financial experts with over 35 years of experience, we are uniquely positioned through our well-established lender and lease company relationships to facilitate customized equipment lease financing, as well as equipment loans. Based on economic trends, we'll evaluate the best option that's right for you depending on your your situation. We'll analyze if a loan is wise in the current market or determine if it's more beneficial to lease the business equipment you require.

We will apply our knowledge, adaptability and efficiency to secure proven financial solutions that ensure your business can acquire the right equipment, at the right time. We pride ourselves on customized financing solutions to deliver fast turnarounds and quick approvals, which will allow you to increase your revenue and attain new goals, without reducing your cash or depleting your credit reserves so you can successfully compete in a competitive marketplace.


Excel Your Business
With Equipment Leasing

One of the great benefits of leasing is it will not diminish your borrowing power, which helps keep your existing credit lines healthy. Impact Commercial works with two main types of leases to help you operate and grow your business, a capital lease and an operating lease.

  • Capital Lease: When the lessor only finances the leased assets, and all other rights of ownership transfer to the lessee — more like a loan. The asset item is included on your operating balance sheet because it is viewed as being owned, which may be the best option if long-term equipment ownership is your goal.
  • Operating Lease: A lease whose term is short compared to the useful life of the asset being leased. It is commonly used to acquire equipment on a relatively short-term basis — more like renting. The asset being leased stays off the balance sheet and payments can be deducted for tax purposes because they are considered an operational expense.


Industries and Equipment Leasing

At Impact Commercial our mission is to make the equipment leasing process effortless and hassle-free, so your business has the right equipment required to get the job done. We offer flexible leasing options for a broad range of equipment to meet your unique business needs across a variety of industries including: industrial, professional, health care, technology, transportation, hospitality, agriculture, forestry, and construction.

Squamish is a community with deep roots in farming and forestry in addition to a burgeoning construction sector. Impact Commercial understands the importance of acquiring heavy equipment leasing for these such industries among others. If your equipment is deteriorating or fails to operate, your business cannot be its most efficient and profitable. Financing construction assets can enable your project to advance with superior or additional equipment, a vital part of ensuring you provide your customers with high-quality work that's completed on budget and on time.

Impact Commercial provides the opportunity for you to lease countless assets. You can lease virtually any type of business related equipment, large or small, new or used, from computers, medical and dental equipment to transportation vehicles, restaurant equipment and Point of Sale (POS) equipment, just to name a few. Leasing equipment also gives you more flexibility; lease and pay for the specific equipment you need — only when you need it.

Asset Based Lending and Vendor Programs

We provide an alternative to our equipment leasing options with our Asset Based Lending platform, which is usually most applicable to companies in times of the early stage of business, high growth, or turnaround situations. By reviewing your full financial situation and learning about your future strategies and requirements, we work to provide an Asset Based Lending plan to meet your individual circumstances.

Our Vendor Leasing programs are designed to provide your business a competitive edge to help you close more sales by delivering leasing solutions to your customers.

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We are dedicated to making an Impact on your Squamish business by sourcing the best financing solutions. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about equipment lease financing and equipment loans available to you, contact us today!

    Fast Growing

    About Squamish

    Squamish is located in the southwest corner of BC, just north of Metro Vancouver and south of the resort community of Whistler.

    It sits in a spectacular natural setting at the north end of Howe Sound and offers a high quality of life, strong entrepreneurial spirit and is envied for its vibrant outdoor community. With one of the fastest growing populations in the province at 20,137 and 64,860 within one-hour commuting distance, Squamish attracts a talent-rich pool of residents who are working in future-focused economic sectors. Canadian and ranked Squamish number 15 on the 2016 Canada's Best Places for Business list, ranking factors in more than 20 indicators of cost, market trends and business friendliness.

    With an organic entrepreneurial spirit coupled with residents' deep passion for the outdoors, a growing and unique arts and culture scene (Squamish boasts the second highest number of resident artists in Canada), and a strong focus on education through Quest University Canada and the many unique school district programs, makes Squamish the perfect place to invest and put down roots.

    In Squamish

    Business Growth and Economic Drivers

    Construction, natural resources, and tourism are the leading economic drivers in Squamish, a district that continues to forge a socio-economic transformation with top influences like the 2010 Winter Games, which helped to accelerate the community’s growth in the past decade. Other key influences include: Quest University, Canada's first not-for-profit Liberal Arts and Science University, the BC Museum of Mining regeneration, Squamish Adventure Centre, Capilano College downtown campus expansion, and a large array of intellectual property including the Official Community Plan and Downtown Development Plan. According to the 2016 Squamish Community profile, commercial building permit activity in Squamish was valued at more than $3 million in 2015; a 46% increase from 2014.

    With a rich history as a logging and recreation town with limitless adventure, particularly rock climbing for all levels on the world-class monolithic Stawamus Chief granite wall, tourism and transportation act as important drivers in a moderately diverse economy. Local multi-modal transportation options like the Sea to Sky highway, rail, general aviation airport, seaplanes, and deep-sea port offers ready access to regional, national, and international markets.

    Options for additional economic revitalization and diversification that will lead to positive, sustainable long-term growth are continuously pursued. This includes strategic sectors like sustainable energy and environmental technologies, secondary opportunities like film, and the aggressive pursuit of additional investment in the hospitality and recreation segments of the tourism sector.

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