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Impact Commercial works to provide equipment financing options to a range of credit profiles. We will design custom financing plans for both new and used machinery and equipment that can help your business prosper.

By employing a business approach that deconstructs issues and solves problems for our clients, we help increase revenues and decrease costs. We partner with our clients to improve their credit profile thereby driving down borrowing rates and improving funding terms. All forms of businesses and organizations can benefit from equipment financing to grow revenue, upturn profitability through increased efficiency, and facilitate improved client service by helping clients deploy more advanced equipment.

Equipment Financing

The Benefits

Improved Competitiveness

Aging equipment can be expensive to maintain and service, leading to downtime which can negatively impact a businesses’ productivity. Technology and equipment are constantly improving and their shorter lifespans force businesses to regularly upgrade to maintain profitability and competitiveness. Leasing allows you to upgrade as new options come to market without having to sell old machinery. At the end of a lease, you have the option to upgrade your equipment to provide more efficiency for your business. If you operate in an industry that relies on sophisticated hardware or technology, leasing should be a chief consideration.

Don’t use Your Capital Unnecessarily

In today’s economic landscape, even the smallest industries and markets can be impacted by global events and shifts. Maintaining healthy capital levels within your business is one of the most important aspects in your operation and can strengthen your business in uncertain times.

Customized Financing

Customized solutions to suit your business needs based on a collaborative understanding of how we can best provide the equipment to support your business growth. A significant advantage of leasing is the flexibility of customized payment schedules to work with both predictable and seasonal business cycles.

Keep it Simple

We work with you to ensure the process is as smooth and easy as possible. While other financing sources move slowly with lengthy application processes, leasing moves with the speed of your business needs. The flexibility of leasing allows the full cost (including service, shipping and installation) to be financed and spread across the lease term. Utilizing fixed-rate lease payments allows you to know the exact costs.

Tax Benefits

Most equipment leases are tax-deductible, providing significant tax advantages. Monthly payments on operating leases are generally viewed as operating expenses, and applied to pre-tax earnings. Since payments are spread out, they are much easier to fit into your budget without having to set limitations on other areas. The associated taxes (GST/PST/HST) are not paid up front, but spread across the term of the lease.

Focus on What’s Important

Allowing you the opportunity to focus on your business, we work on your behalf to secure financing to support your growth with the proper equipment to help you attain your business goals.

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    Types of Leases

    There are two main types of leases Impact Commercial works with to serve you best: Capital leases and Operating leases.

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    Asset Based Lending

    Our Asset Based Lending platform is an alternative equipment financing option for small and mid-market clients in early stages of business, high-growth times or turn around situations.

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    Vendor Programs

    Our Vendor Programs allow us to setup a customized equipment leasing solution based on your business needs.

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    Assets You Can Lease

    Our financing services focus on obtaining financing for equipment working with the best lease options for your bottom line through multiple industries, including but not limited to:

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