Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending

Impact Commercial’s special Asset Based Lending platform provides an alternative equipment financing option for small and mid-market clients. With relationships developed across a wide range of financial institutions that specialize in this (more complicated) type of financing, we are able to arrange more options. Asset Based Lending is usually most applicable to companies in times of:

Early Stage of Business – If you are an emerging business, there are financial options available beyond the formula of the traditional financing track. To avoid banks and credit unions that base decisions on proof of debit servicing on financial statements, we work with a range of progressive non-bank financial institutions that specialize in companies in the early stage of business.

High Growth – Traditional lenders may be uncomfortable with your growth rate, which may pressure you to service your existing debts; however, growing at an accelerated pace means higher needs of equipment and capital before the funds are in place.

Turnaround Situations – While facing restructuring of operations or servicing debt obligations, capital is often required to fund the changes.

By reviewing your full financial situation and learning about your future strategies and requirements, we work to provide an Asset Based Lending plan to meet your individual circumstances. We are highly adept at making a cohesive compilation and presenting solutions utilizing the built-up equity of business assets (receivables, inventory, equipment, and real estate).

While costs can be higher for this type of lending program, the benefits often greatly outweigh the cost because it can provide great value overall. Impact Commercial always looks to provide you with the best fit for your situation within a prompt timeline and with minimal disruptions and distractions to your business.

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