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Impact Commercial is an independent mortgage broker focused on commercial and construction mortgage financing for small and medium-sized businesses in North Vancouver, BC.

Impact Commercial has over 35 years of experience as commercial mortgage lenders, including expertise in other areas of business finance. Our ability to foster relationships with proven funders allows us to negotiate with multiple financing sources, providing more flexibility in finding options than traditional funding institutions. We use our expertise to swiftly and competently turn mortgage applications into approvals, keeping your best interests in mind.

Our expert analysis, file structuring and risk mitigation differentiates us from our competitors, which allows us to negotiate the best mortgage rates and terms for you. With continually increasing land values for existing commercial properties and new construction projects, our analysis also allows us to support the necessary leverage (loan to value) needed to make the transactions transpire.

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Impact Commercial will invest time and energy to steward the finances to reduce any barriers that prevent you from obtaining your goals. Impact Commercial is dedicated to securing a mortgage to suit your specific requirements from industrial mortgages and investment property mortgages to multi-family mortgages and apartment building mortgages, among others, a testament to our wide-ranging knowledge and expertise.

We work to provide optimal term and construction mortgage financing solutions for owner-occupied and investment properties in a variety of areas including: retail and offices, industrial spaces, apartment buildings, retirement and care facilities, hospitality, Single Room Occupancy (SRO), and special purpose financing such as bridge financing, land acquisition and subdivision, as well as inventory financing.

Impact Commercial will structure your commercial real estate mortgage to suit your needs and has a proven portfolio of commercial mortgages for various legal structures including, corporations, limited partnerships, and joint ventures, which are among our main types.

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Construction Mortgages

From major home renovations or a new build, to developing a property for resale or a major land development and high-rise construction project, the diversity of construction financing options varies greatly.

Impact Commercial understands what you’re looking for in a construction loan: convenience, affordability and flexibility, which will help secure the successful completion of your specific project.

Impact Commercial is committed to acquiring you the competitive market rates and flexible options to fit your needs in commercial construction mortgages. Obtaining the appropriate construction financing to suit your project’s needs may present some complicated challenges; however, our breadth of experience in construction mortgages enables us to understand the opportunities and risks in this financial sector.

When you engage with our team of construction mortgage experts early in the planning process, we will develop an expansive and effective plan with optimal leverage, terms and repayment flexibility. We will prepare you for a successful project from start to completion, guiding you through the process and explaining the funding process over the course of the development.

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We are dedicated to making an Impact on your North Vancouver business by sourcing the best financing solutions. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about equipment lease financing and equipment loans available to you, contact us today!

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    About North Vancouver

    The City of North Vancouver is a sub-region of the scenic North Shore with a population of 52,898, while the District of North Vancouver is made up of 16,000 hectares of land with a population of 85,395.

    North Vancouver is easily accessible to Vancouver’s city centre by a convenient 10-minute commute via the Lions Gate Bridge and Second Narrows Bridge, and the TransLink SeaBus. The nature-infused area prides itself on its spectacular natural backdrop, positioned on the south-facing slopes of the Coast Mountains, on the north side of Burrard Inlet. Noted for its rugged topography and access to wilderness areas, the region makes for exceptional outdoor recreation pursuits from mountain biking and hiking to skiing.

    Recognized by several small but highly urbanized communities, the City of North Vancouver’s proximity to the waterfront, the North Shore Mountains and environmental greenways (consisting of ravine and rainforest trail corridors), border and define many of the City’s nine neighbourhoods. Residential accommodations range from single-family homes to duplexes, townhouses, and three-storey or high-rise condominiums. Residential development in the city typically accounts for one to three percent of total housing starts in Metro Vancouver. The City is also a transportation hub and institutional core for a variety of regional services including Lions Gate Hospital and related medical services, provincial courthouse and a number of provincial and federal government offices.

    North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Avenue corridor is the most heavily populated residential
and commercial area. The Lower Lonsdale waterfront revitalization, coined The Shipyards project, is the centrepiece and first step of the last phase of the redevelopment that is set for completion in late 2018. A significant asset to the community, the project is a mixed-use public space ranging from commercial and professional services as well as infrastructure to support specialty manufacturing and advanced technology.

    The 1.6-acre site will include a seasonal outdoor covered ice rink and water play area, community amenity space and 60,000 square feet of commercial space, including a four-star boutique hotel, which will help position North Vancouver as a destination. Strategically situated along nearly six kilometres of Burrard Inlet, with views of downtown Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains, the waterfront is both a thriving economically sustainable neighbourhood and a gateway to Metro Vancouver.

    In North Vancouver

    Business Growth and Economic Drivers

    The City of North Vancouver recognizes the importance of managing growth in order to achieve long-term economic prosperity. The balance between community needs and environmental limits shapes the City’s sustainable economic development, which encourages both new and existing businesses to grow and thrive. As a member of the Partners for Climate Protection Program, the City is one of the lowest producers of greenhouse gas emissions in Metro Vancouver.

    With a highly educated labour force and a diversified local business community, the City continues to benefit from its waterfront location through Port industry, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Marine Campus, and the mixed‐use developments and public spaces on the City’s waterfront as well as infrastructure to support specialty manufacturing and advanced technology.

    The City is home to major employers such as Lions Gate Hospital, ICBC, CN Rail, Neptune Terminals and Honeywell as well as head offices such as A&W, in addition to many smaller businesses. Economic drivers in the City include such industries as innovation (professional, scientific and the technical services sector), health care, construction, port & transport, finance & insurance, real estate, food services, retail and tourism. The City of North Vancouver also benefits from BC’s active film industry and is home to North Shore Studios, which has eight sound stages.

    The City’s Economic Development Strategy identifies a wide range of opportunities for both new and existing businesses. It helps to ensure that costs remain competitive and quality infrastructure is in place to support investment, employment and partnership opportunities, and additionally, provide a positive climate for business growth and long-term economic sustainability.

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