Commercial Mortgages

Mortgage Financing

Commercial Mortgages

Mortgage Financing

Commercial Mortgages

With decades of experience in commercial lending, Impact Commercial has a proven track record of providing superior mortgage solutions to our clients.

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to recognize the precise details to include in your initial application while striving to provide quick turnarounds on approvals. Working diligently to advance your business, our comprehensive approach includes asking numerous questions to thoroughly acquaint ourselves with your current status and your vision for the future. We engage fully to understand your property and portfolio, and will invest time and energy to steward the finances to reduce any barriers that prevent you from obtaining your goals.

We’re passionate about supporting our clients with their commercial mortgage needs.


Types of Mortgages

Impact Commercial works to provide optimal term and construction mortgage financing solutions for owner-occupied and investment properties in the following areas:

Retail and Office

We’re able to provide term and construction financing for owner-occupied or investment retail and office space.

Industrial Space

We’re able to provide term and construction financing for owner-occupied or investment Industrial space.

Apartment Buildings

We’re able to provide construction financing for purposed-built rental projects as well as term financing for longer-term investment holding properties.

Retirement and Care Facilities

We’re able to provide term and construction financing for this important area of need.


We’re able to provide term and construction financing for hospitality businesses of all types inclusive of hotels and motels.

Single Room Occupancy (SRO)

We’re able to provide term financing for SRO assets, which can be very difficult to finance.

Special Purpose

We’re able to provide financing on many different types of properties

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Mortgage Financing

What is a Commercial Mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is a loan taken out on commercial real estate (versus residential) where the property acts as collateral. The assessment of credit is more complicated with this type of mortgage due to the perceived higher risk nature of the borrower, i.e. a company or business rather than an individual.

Impact Commercial has worked on commercial mortgages for legal structures of all kinds. From corporations, limited partnerships to joint ventures, to name but a few of the main types, we’ve the experience to structure the mortgage to suite our client’s needs.

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    The Benefits

    Keys to Qualifying

    There are many benefits to owning your own commercial space with the main ones being to secure a great location and to control your occupancy costs. By developing a comprehensive package to present to a variety of lending institutions, we take the guesswork and stress out and of the application process.

    While the process is fairly complicated to obtain a commercial mortgage, qualifying for a mortgage is largely based on the following items:

    Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

    As the primary consideration of most lenders, this is the ratio of net operating income available versus the required mortgage payments. As experts, we deal with many different lending institutions, which have different minimum servicing requirements based on their loan policies for the different asset classes (property types). By knowing this, we can prepare and present your application to the right lenders, which greatly reduces turnaround time.

    Loan to Value and Down Payment

    Most conventional lenders have a maximum Loan to Value amount of “up to 75%” of the purchase price or appraised value (whichever is less). This means that the minimum down payment required by a borrower to put down on a new purchase or retain as equity on a refinance is 25% of the property’s value as identified above.

    This Loan to Value amount is further limited by the borrowing entity demonstrating the ability to service the requirement mortgage payments. With property valuations ever increasing, down payments and/or equity value within properties is commonly 30% or 35% meaning that the mortgage amount would be closer to 65% or 70%.

    That said, don’t be intimidated if your Loan to Value or Down payment needs are different, as Impact Commercial has access to funding relationships who offer mortgages outside the conventional approval guidelines.

    Credit History

    Lenders put their funds at risk for a predictable and safe repayment stream of principle and interest. With this focus, they believe that the best predictor of future repayment behaviour is a borrower’s past behaviour. A strong business and personal credit profile indicates to lenders that you are committed to meeting the negotiated repayment schedule.

    That said, don’t be intimidated if your credit profile is not optimal. Impact Commercial has extensive experience improving a variety of credit profiles and obtaining financing with satisfactory rates and terms despite adverse credit history.

    Current Business Situation

    If you are currently in operation, lending institutions expect your business to be profitable and steady to ensure a sound investment. Examining your business plan and financial projections provides lenders an inside view of your operation. Impact Commercial works collaboratively with you to ensure the key areas that lenders concentrate on are included and emphasized in these reports.

    Type of Business

    With numerous business types, commercial mortgage terms are based around the business structure as well as the property you want to purchase. This is where Impact Commercial excels! We put our innovative solution-seeking methods into practice to ensure you obtain the best financing opportunity.

    15 to 30 Days to Receive Full Credit

    What’s My Timeline?

    While it is widely known that mortgage pre-approvals exist with residential mortgages under an individual’s name, there is now such a process within the commercial mortgage market. Commercial mortgages often require a substantial amount of information, plus the receipt of a commercial property appraisal to obtain full credit approval. As such, it is common for commercial mortgages to take 15 to 30 days to receive full credit approval and another 10 to 15 days afterwards to fund.

    Yes, there are opportunities to shorten this timeline but it requires sufficient preparation to achieve. At Impact Commercial, we specialize in providing commercial mortgage solutions and we’d value the opportunity to plan out your commercial mortgage needs with you.

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