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We turn applications into approvals.

Impact Commercial offers a wide range of services, from land and construction financing; to CMHC financing for multifamily rental investors and developers; to commercial mortgages for investors in all commercial asset classes, and owner-users of industrial, retail and office properties.

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We can do it all.

With decades of experience in commercial lending, Impact Commercial has a proven track record of providing superior mortgage solutions to our clients, no matter the property type.

Retail and Office

Industrial Space

Apartment Buildings

Care Facilities


Single Room Occupancy

...and more.

Our client portfolio includes small and large operating businesses; real estate investors from first-time commercial buyers, to institutional owners and operators; and developers ranging from those needing financing expertise getting their first project across the line, to proven groups managing a portfolio of multifamily and mixed-use construction projects.

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What are the keys to qualifying?

1. Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Lenders focus on the ratio of net operating income to mortgage payments. We work with various lenders that have different requirements based on property types. 

2. Loan to Value and Down Payment

Conventional lenders usually allow a maximum Loan to Value of 75% of the purchase price or appraised value. However, Impact Commercial has access to funding sources that offer mortgages beyond the conventional guidelines, so don't be discouraged if your needs differ.

3. Credit History

Lenders seek a predictable repayment stream and look at past behavior to predict future repayment. Even if your credit is not optimal, Impact Commercial has experience improving credit profiles and obtaining financing with satisfactory rates and terms despite adverse history.

4. Type of Business and Current Situation

Lenders expect profitable and steady businesses and examine business plans and financial projections for insight. Impact Commercial collaborates with you to ensure these key areas are emphasized in your reports.

Wondering if you qualify? Give us a call.

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