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Owner-User Mortgages

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Owning your commercial space means security and control. 

Mitigating risk within your investment portfolio, generating passive wealth, consistent fixed payments, advantageous financing, and retaining equity are only a handful of benefits intertwined with property ownership. Embrace the opportunity to establish equity in your real estate while effectively managing your business.
Recognizing the complexities of business operations, we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our clients as they take this significant stride forward.

What is owner-user financing?

Also known as owner-occupied real estate, this category encompasses commercial properties owned either by the business conducting its operations on the premises or by a distinct holding company affiliated with said business. 

How do I qualify?

Evidently, owner-user financing necessitates the proprietor to conduct their business activities within the designated property. Lenders commonly perceive such investments as lower risk, as the responsibility for mortgage payments rests with the property owner rather than tenants. Through close cooperation with our financing associates, we possess the capability to tailor mortgage resolutions even more closely to the distinct requirements of our clients, potentially obtaining leverage of up to 95%.

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