• We look forward to making an Impact on your business through finding the best financing solutions.

    Mortgage Financing

    Long Term Planning Needs Advice You Can Trust

    When it comes to mortgage financing, decreasing delays in approvals is key, and the potential handcuffs of traditional institutions should not hold you back.

  • Not having the resources to purchase new machinery or equipment should not slow down your production, nor should your credit!

    Equipment Financing

    Make it Happen

    Impact Commercial Group works to provide equipment loans and financing options to an assortment of credit profiles.

  • We can help you to understand your mortgage options.

    Commercial Mortgages

    Through thick and thin, we’re there by your side.

    With decades of experience in commercial lending, Impact Commercial has a proven track record of providing superior mortgage solutions to our clients.

  • Alan Haigh
    Managing Partner & Co-Founder

    Alan wears many hats as Managing Partner of Impact Commercial, with a primary focus on building strong relationships. His adept skills for strategic planning, portfolio management and risk management all come into play in helping Impact Commercial run as smoothly as it does.

    His passion for developing people, building relationships and growing strong vibrant businesses means he will work tirelessly to find the best solution for your financial needs.

  • Jon Switzer
    Commercial Mortgage Advisor

    Jon joined Impact Commercial in September, 2017, and is thrilled to be immersed in the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our company forward.

    He is building on his extensive past commercial experience, including being part of a team responsible for commercial credit risk policy implementation at a global bank, and subsequently managing and growing large accounts as a corporate cash management advisor at a large independent broker-dealer.

  • Michael Mullen
    Managing Partner & Co-Founder

    As a Managing Partner, Michael works throughout all areas of Impact Commercial. With a background as a business and equipment leasing advisor within a financial institution, he has developed the skillset to effectively understand lending from both sides of the table.

    Michael flourishes in the challenge of solving each puzzle! He sees every client and case as different, and requiring somewhat different approaches, which he gets excited to discover.

  • Alan HaighManaging Partner & Co-Founder
  • Jon SwitzerCommercial Mortgage Advisor
  • Michael MullenManaging Partner & Co-Founder


Business Owner-Occupier Mortgages

Business Owner-Occupier Mortgages

Impact Commercial has access to a variety of commercial mortgage solutions that have benefits unique to owner-occupiers and are available to most types of business.

Construction Mortgages

Construction Mortgages

By engaging with our team of construction mortgage experts early in the planning process, we will work to develop an expansive and effective plan with optimal rates and terms with our lending partners.

Assets You Can Lease

Assets You Can Lease

Purchasing equipment is not always an effective strategy. Impact Commercial provides you with the opportunity to lease the assets you need, in order to grow your business efficiently.

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